Donnington and Muxton PC Evidence Review Document

The Parish Council agreed to produce a Neighbourhood Plan in 2017 in order to establish neighbourhood planning policies supported by the local community. The Neighbourhood Plan will complement the Borough-wide Telford & Wrekin Local Plan 2011-2031. The Neighbourhood Plan will provide detailed planning policy guidance that will aim to conserve and preserve the qualities and character of Donnington and Muxton.

An Evidence Review, Consultation and Early Engagement report has now been completed. The Parish Council wants your views on the contents of the Evidence Review before proceeding to produce a draft Neighbourhood Plan. The purpose of the Evidence Review is to provide a robust and accurate evidence base that will support and justify the policies that will be set out in the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Evidence Review has been prepared from information received in response to public consultation, including survey questionnaires and public meetings undertaken by the Parish Council.

The Evidence Review is available for your comments between 11th February and 29th March 2019. The Parish Council have published the report to bring it to the attention of all those who live, work or carry out business in the Neighbourhood Area, that is people within the Parish boundary of Donnington and Muxton.

This is your opportunity to comment on the evidence that has been gathered so far and confirm that you are satisfied with the findings before the Parish Council proceeds to the next stage of producing the Neighbourhood Plan.